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Post by Miracle on Mon Oct 26, 2015 3:58 pm

Here at Castaways, just like every other forum, we have rules. And we expect every user to follow them.


-Do NOT disrespect the alphas and mods. We work hard to make this a safe environment for everyone.

-Do NOT be rude to other users, including the alphas.

-If you are disrespectful to another user or the alphas, you will recive a warning and your post will be deleted.

-Please report any long-term absences (1 week at least) to the mods. That way we know who is still active and how long to expect replies.

-Do NOT come to me if you have questions. I am not the owner. Go to Kiwi first. If she's not online, THEN you can come to me.

-Do NOT spam the chatbox

-Ask to RP, and respect them if they don't want to.

-Reread the rules often. This WILL update.

-Do not use an uploaded avatar if it wasn't made for you. If you are caught using an avatar that you're not allowed to use, your ability to use avatars will be restricted.


Thank you.

We hope you enjoy your stay here. Smile

-The Castaway Alphas

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